Cluster-based response protocol

Please see the checklists section for an immediate response plan.

Austria protocol & learnings

When the RT is reduced and new case additions is low enough (Details To be determined by each geography)

The number of new daily infections has been falling consistently since the end of March.

“The strategy is still to detect cases very early and to encourage people to seek medical attention if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 and the second thing is that we perform very vigorous testing along with quarantine," said Prof Weiss.

"In addition, the country has started to test, for example, employees in nursing homes or in hospitals or with critical or with systematic or low systematic infections so to really identify those people very early and to avoid the spread of infection to the most vulnerable people, for example, the elderly."

Euronews and detailed Lockdown open up plan

  • Restricted opening of categories of essential businesses only (small shops, hardware)

  • No public events & schools

  • For students, the current semester will probably be completely digital, and examinations and research at universities will continue to take place, as long as it remains possible

  • Initial slow open up (Apr 14) and slowly ease into opening more fully (May 1)

  • Travel is still being researched for how to allow / what medical certificates to issue