IPC Checklist for quarantine centers

This is a checklist for quarantine centers to enforce infection prevention and control.

Basic Preparedness

[ ] Designate a staff room; a clean utility area and a dirty utility area. No patients should be allowed to enter these earmarked places.

[ ] Stock PPEs for staff who will be taking care of the quarantined patients.

[ ] Maintain atleast 6 feet of space between beds

[ ] Provide physical barriers, if possible but avoid curtains.

[ ] Avoid any porous or meshed surfaces (such as rugs or mats) in the premises.

[ ] Ensure an inhouse kitchen or catering service so that visitors aren't bringing food inside.

Sanitation and disinfection

[ ] Sanitize and disinfect floors; high touch surfaces and washrooms twice daily.

[ ] Immediately clean up all spills of body fluids; including blood or vomit.

[ ] Ensure disposal of medical waste every two days.

[ ] Ensure proper laundry facilities or a separate washing area for suspected patients to be able to do laundry.

Visitor instructions

[ ] Prohibit visitor access; put notice on doors indicating this.

[ ] In case visitors are absolutely necessary, eg for mother of infant babies; senior citizens with limiting life conditions; arrange for a place for the caretaker to stay within the premise.

[ ] Visitor rooms should be separated from quarantine area and staff area.

[ ] Symptom monitoring for all visitors should be done daily.