PPE checklist for all dedicated COVID rooms and isolation facilities

A PPE cart needs to be placed outside every dedicated COVID room in hospitals as well as isolation centers.

[ ] Eye protection (visor or goggles)

[ ] Face shield (provides eye, nose and mouth protection)

[ ] reusable vinyl or rubber gloves for environmental cleaning for sanitation staff

[ ] latex single-use gloves for clinical care

[ ] Hair covers

[ ] Particulate respirators (N95, FFP2, or equivalent)

[ ] Medical (surgical or procedure) masks

[ ] Gowns and aprons

[ ] single-use long-sleeved fluid-resistant or reusable non-fluid-resistant gowns

[ ] plastic aprons (for use over non-fluid-resistant gowns if splashing is anticipated and if fluid-resistant gowns are not available)

[ ] Alcohol-based hand rub

[ ] Plain liquid soap and clean water

[ ] Clean single-use towels (e.g. paper towels)

[ ] Sharps containers

[ ] Red bins for biomedical waste disposal