Protecting children and adults with disabilities

People with disabilities might be more vulnerable to COVID19 and second-order effects of lockdown due to their physical, sensory and cognitive limitations.

Why do people with disabilities need special protection?

1) Persons with hearing, visual, intellectual or physical disabilities may not receive key information about prevention and assistance measures.

2) Persons with disabilities may face barriers to accessing essential health services and WASH facilities such as portable toilets and hand-washing stations.

3) Children with disabilities may be at risk of exclusion from education if remote/ distance learning programmes are not accessible or they do not have assistive devices to allow participation and accommodate learning needs

4) Persons with disabilities can be disproportionately impacted by interrupted home, community and social services and supports, including personal assistance.

5) Quarantine, health facilities and transport established as part of the COVID-19 response may fail to cater to the requirements of children and adults with disabilities, including with regards to accessibility.

For further reading head to Disability inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network