Designing entry point surveillance for your district

Creating a protocol and advisory for entry points

As we remerge from full lockdown to limited access for green districts, it is essential to avoid a rise in cases from mismanagement of entry / exit points.

The best approach here is one of caution and risk avoidance

  • Limit the entry to a 2-3 points in your district so the tracing, and monitoring is easier to manage and administer

  • Do a serology test for everyone; including essential deliveries and if rapid testing is not available, use temperature sensing as a worse option

  • For essential cargo movement and labor movement, allow the entry but ensure there is some request or tracking if the person happened to be in a prior district records for some reason

  • Record and keep track of at entry and then keep a track of them so that you can use this for tracing if needed once a positive case is identified